I have given quite a few comics workshops for children and adults alike, but have recently reduced my efforts to better concentrate on People Not Seen.

What remains is a class called “Werkstatt für Comics” (or “Workshop for Comics”), which I created with my friend and colleague Elke R. Steiner. While Elke facilitates the basic steps in learning or refreshing the language of comics, I offer a subsequent mentoring course for more advanced comic artists who want to pursue their own projects.

There is usually a spring and an autumn class with ten weekly meetings. Attendees will be able to present and discuss their work, take exercises on topics like page design, panel layout, or narrative structures and take part in an excursion to the studio of a local comics artist (visiting the likes of e.g. Mawil, Paula Bulling, Jens Harder and Ulli Lust).

Every other week, though, we have our own “studio time”, three hours of unhindered work on your personal project, with me guiding you through the next steps.

Over the years, a merry, motley crew has formed around these workshops. If you would like to know more or take part, feel free to contact me.