I used to live in Japan for a while, and after a few months started publishing a weekly webcomic I named MORESUKINE (inspired by the notebook I drew everything into).

The very first post included this scrawly announcement to the world:

Fortunately, people took me up on the offer, and mission after mission started to pour in: I had to sleep in a pod hotel, eat Fugu, report on gender expressions, find a traditional swordsmith and dance Para Para. It was one of the most intense periods of my life.

People from countries as diverse as the United States, Argentina and Finland sent in their personal assignments, which had to be fulfilled in the order of their arrival.

After my return to Europe, all 24 episodes were collected in a printed comic book, with additional guest missions by various webcomic artists like James Kochalka and Ryan North.

MORESUKINE is available in English and German language editions.  

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