A long lost but not forgotten project based on Jules Verne’s classic story involving five German comic artists (Laska Comix, Thomas Gilke, Fil, Jakob Werth and myself).

In our version, the comics character Suzie makes a bet with her creator that she would be able to travel across all five continents and return within 80 pages.  After many adventures in Europe, Africa, Japan and Australia, she arrives home on page 81, is devastated at first, but then realizes that the story only started on page 4! A happy ending ensues.

Every artist wrote the story and drew all the backgrounds for one continent, in my case Australia. As Suzie had made friends in Europe and Africa before, these would later have to be drawn and inserted into my pages by their respective artists.

As you can see above, I populated my Australia with (descendants of) various comic villains, among them a mad scientist wanting to take over the world but eventually only causing a giant volcanic eruption of Mount Uluru (Ayer’s rock).

In the end, some of us had finished their chapters while others hadn’t really begun yet. At some point, we lost ourselves in other projects and never again confronted the daunting task of finishing this logistical nighmare.

(Here are few pages of Thomas’ Africa episode.)